• Michael D.

    Michael D.

  • Lucien & Cynthia Jacquet

    Lucien & Cynthia Jacquet

  • Eduard Prodani

    Eduard Prodani

  • LAF


  • Jack MacDonald

    Jack MacDonald

    Concerned citizen. Critical thinker. Veteran. Consumer of knowledge. Making things better. Getting stuff done.

  • Bill Newgent

    Bill Newgent

    Publisher of For Your Consideration, America. Leadership & Freedom advocate. Producer, Podcaster & Writer. What is human nature's role in politics?

  • Robert Potter

    Robert Potter

    Holds uninformed opinions exclusively.

  • Roxanne Hale

    Roxanne Hale

    Owner & Broker of Arthouse Brokerage in Birmingham, Alabama. 20 year real estate veteran. I write about housing history, design, and custom construction.

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